Travelers Checklist

Travelers Checklist


o Flight Tickets
o Accommodation Vouchers
o Transfer Vouchers
o Prepaid Appeal Tickets
o Passport (If traveling offshore)
o Visa (seek the advice of Travel Agent if required)
o Travel Insurance
o cell phone numbers for residence
o Health Documentation
o crisis Information
o Currency
o Currency calculations sheet
o charge cards x 2/Travelers Cheques,
o Make copies of documentation keep one copy to you and leave a duplicate of one’s passport, charge cards, travel cover with a friend or relative

Just before pack ensure to get what kind of climate you’ll be getting and pack appropriately, remember climate can transform quickly therefore guarantee to pack for unanticipated changes.

o undies
o Socks/Hosiery
o devices
o Casual Day Use
o Sleepwear
o winter gear (jumper, coat, warm hat, gloves, scarf)
o summer equipment (swimsuit, short pants, shoes
o Comfortable walking footwear (needs to be worn in)
o Sun Hat


o Comb and/or brush
o Toothbrush, tooth paste, floss etc
o Deodorant
o Soap
o Shampoo & conditioner
o Skin-care lotion
o shaver & shaving lotion
o private health items
o multivitamins
o Bath / beach towel
o Inspect repellent
o Sunscreen
o Nail clippers
o Aspirin
o Antiseptic wipes
o Antibiotic cream
o Band-Aids
o Upset stomach / Diarrhea medicine
o Regular medicine, plus a page from your doctor for everything unusual.

o Luggage (Check any body weight restrictions)
o backpack
o Wallet
o Money belt
o Organizer bags (mesh or different tints)
o Ipod/MP3 Player
o Camera & memory cards
o Guide book and maps
o Travel log & pencils
o Games / credit cards
o Little padlocks for suitcase
o Luggage ID tags
o Alarm Clock
o Sunglasses and case
o Travel clothesline & pegs
o Sink connect – (multi size)
o Laundry bag
o Zip lock plastic bags
o huge synthetic garbage case – to utilize as rain defense for the main bag
o Electrical converter / adapter when you have AC appliances
o Earplugs / eyeshades

o Your favourite book through the Book Brothers

o Keep supplemental income $ 50 – $ 100 in a secure destination
o Drink loads of liquid and little alcoholic beverages from the airplane
o adhere to a bland diet
o Always review the town before you make it.
o Always simply take a supplementary pair of undies within hand baggage
o Check luggage weight limitations for all settings of transportation you are taking your luggage on and buy baggage accordingly
o verify if any vaccinations are needed the country you may be visiting
o put up a worldwide mail account if attempting to correspond back via e-mail

o Stop deliveries and also have Australia article hold mail
o request proper care of pets, grass, home plants, yard, children’s pool
o request home security if you’re worried
o Empty fridge and garbage
o Turn off hot-water cylinder
o Pre-pay bills (or ask good friend to collect post and pay bills for you personally)
o Lock all windows and doors
o Triple check which you have Passport / Tickets / Money

Kylie Leigh